Thank you for stopping by! In summer 2019, I began the designs for the Desert Divination cards and now in May 2020, they are finally completed. What are they? They are an oracle deck of cards for divining answers to your questions by using the wisdom of natural elements found in the southern California desert.

This set of 50 cards consists of flora and fauna most commonly found in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. I have developed them into symbols and larger concepts useful for personal transformation.

When I moved from a big city to the high desert of the Mojave, my life changed forever. The desert is a land of extremes, stretching you to breaking points and then pulling you back with unexpected joy. Just like life. 

How does it work? Simply ask a question and pick a card. The included 56-page guidebook will give you a carefully written message for the card. Interpret as you will. Trust the answer, as it is between you and the universe, who holds the highest wisdom.

Use the deck sparingly for seriously burning questions or daily for gentle guidance. But most it all, use it to have fun.


-Julie Peasley